Universal Tennis networks communities that otherwise might not have access to the resources and tools to get going. Tennis is not for the other guy...it's for you.

In addition to providing instruction for   the beginner and novice player, Universal Tennis offers lessons and programs for the intermediate to advanced  player as well. 


The Benefits of Tennis

1. Health and Fitness - You get in awesome shape without even knowing it. Just chase the ball around.

2. Social Components - Community clubs, leagues, inter club, doubles, ladders, round robins, tournaments. There are a myriad of mechanisms available to you that introduce you to other players regardless of your level. 

3. Accessibility - There are private and public (free) courts all over the place. In  practically every city around the globe.    

Mission Statement
Universal Tennis's goal is to provide quality instruction ...positive experience, ...in the communities we serve



• Excellence • Service • Communication • Respect • Trust • Continuous Improvement • Safety


Universal Tennis's goal is to meet your needs. If we don't have a time or location that works for you let us know and we will try to throw something together. We are relatively mobile and given adequate notice we'll work something out. 


We are committed to furthering your understanding and participation of the game of tennis. In all realms. 


Tennis participants are part of a worldwide community. Whether at the grass roots, national or international levels all players are the same. They share an appreciation for the sport that unites them. In this regard even at the very smallest community level this universality exists. And thus we are connected. There is an enormously  broad base in existence. Come join us, come join the fun!  


UniversalLy played, universally enjoyed. a game for life.


Did You Know That?:


1. Tennis is the #1 individually played sport in the world. 1/3 of a billion people world wide play tennis. 

2. Tennis is played in over 200 countries. There are approximately 3/4 of a million courts. 

3. Professionally, tennis is the #1 paying female athletic sport. Tennis has held the number one spot 8 years in a row. and comprises 7 of the top 9 positions for females in 2012. 

4. In Canada the sport has enjoyed a 23% increase in participation since 2008. 

5. 60% of Canadians call themselves "tennis fans". 

6. The Davis Cup is the worlds largest annual international team competition in sport, with 130 nations entering in 2013. 

7.  Tennis is the #2 individual sport in numbers for US athletic scholarships behind only track and field. 

8. Globally, in 2010, the Men's Wimbledon final drew the 5th largest TV audience for a single sporting event.   

9.  Tennis was part of the inaugural 1896 Summer Olympics program.            

Universal Tennis

Come Join the Fun

The Players


65 Crystal Shores Hill, Okotoks, AB T1S 2H7

Scott Wilson


Scott''s love affair with tennis  began 40 years ago at the age of 12. His father had introduced him to badminton before that.

Competitive Experience

  • Former Provincial Jr. Champion and Western Canadian Jr. Doubles Champion
  • Previously the top nationally ranked player over 50 on the Prairies (AB,SASK,MB).
  • Former back to back Calgary Tennis Club Open Category Club Champion (over 800 members)

Teaching Qualifications

                             Tennis Canada Certified Instructor

                             Cardio Tennis Certified  

                              Member of the Tennis 

                              Professionals Association

Previous Professional Background

Sales and Marketing Roles - 15 years

Fitness Industry - Commercial Sales 10 years


Scott and his wife Christianne have 7 children between them and 9 grandchildren (at last count!).


Teaching Pros - Universal Tennis leverages off a wide network of teaching professionals. We have friends and associates that are pros in every indoor tennis facility in Calgary as well as some in Ontario, BC and the US.

Industry Suppliers - We have a strong relationship with Racquet Central, Alberta's premier tennis supplier. Click icon for contact information.

Club Managers - We have a network of present and past club managers .

Provincial Associations -  Universal Tennis has the ear of former Tennis Alberta Board members and a past president of Tennis Ontario (Canada's largest Provincial tennis association).