Cardio Tennis Around the Globe

With more than 1.4 million participants in the US, and now being delivered in over 30 countries, Cardio Tennis has truly become the 'third way to play tennis..

As Cardio Tennis participation grew to over 1.4 million participants in 2012, according to the latest U.S. Sports, Fitness & Recreation Participation Report published by the Physical Activity Council (PAC), a consortium of 6 sports and outdoor trade associations. The study, which surveys participation across 125 different sports, fitness and recreation activities, is the United States  largest report on physical activity with a sample size of more than 40,000.

Since Cardio Tennis,was first measured in 2008 by the PAC Report, the program has seen rapid growth in terms of participation. In the 5 year period from 2008 to 2012, participation has grown 74% from 830,000 participants to over 1.44 million participants.

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Cardio Tennis

What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is a new, fun, group activity featuring drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate, high-energy workout.
Cardio Tennis includes a warm-up, cardio workout, and cool down phases. If you want to find a healthy, new way to get in shape and to burn calories, you ought to try Cardio Tennis.

Benefits of Cardio Tennis

1. Participants consistently elevate their heart rates into their aerobic training zone.

2. Participants can burn more calories than singles or doubles tennis.

3. Cardio Tennis is similar to interval training which is periods of high intensity followed by short periods of rest.

What happens in Cardio Tennis?

Taught by a Certified Tennis Professional, a typical Cardio Tennis program includes a short dynamic warm-up, a cardio workout, and a cool down phase. The majority of the Cardio Tennis program is the “workout” phase, which should last 30-50 minutes. Most of this portion will include fast-paced drills where the professional feeds balls to players based on their ability and fitness level.