65 Crystal Shores Hill, Okotoks, AB T1S 2H7

Rural Communities

Universal Tennis is committed to help deliver quality instruction to communities that might otherwise not have available resources. ..

We are currently running the tennis programs in both Okotoks and High River and are adding to our list of rural communities served.

If you are part of a rural tennis club, town council, or recreation department don't hesitate to contact us.  

Inner City Communities

If your community tennis courts are lying dormant give us a call. We are specialists at getting your community program up and running and providing your neighbors with camps and accessible instruction. 

We are flexible and accommodating. We can brainstorm with you and design a plan that fits your specific needs.

Drop Us a Line

At Universal Tennis we are all about helping communities grow the sport of tennis. Seeing existing courts utilized and introducing and in some cases reintroducing people of all ages to the #1 individually played sport in the world.

By assisting communities develop physical activity and on court social interaction your community benefit. Universally. Universal Tennis.